We are committed to providing exceptional care.

Pediatric Therapy is a multidisciplinary pediatric clinic that helps parents navigate through the unknowns of their child’s early development foundation and throughout their life. We are committed to providing exceptional care to children who require special attention and personalized care. At Pediatric Therapy, we believe that all children should be empowered to achieve their full potential and excel in their environment.


What is TRUCare?

TRUCare’s mission is to coordinate care among all disciplines in order to improve overall patient care, support families and foster development. TRUCare‘s holistic treatment involving all disciplines provides a platform for maximizing each child’s time while focusing on individual needs. Developed by skilled professionals with 17+ years of combined experience, TRUCare has established standards that far exceed industry expectations.

TRUCare members must demonstrate competency within every service provided at Pediatric Therapy. Our collaborative effort provides the best plan of care for our patients’ growth and development.


How does TRUCare work?


In our specialized approach at Pediatric Therapy, unit members come together to conduct a weekly review of each patient’s individualized growth plan.

On-point goals

Pertinent goals that may be addressed across disciplines are discussed. Referrals needed, parent/therapist comments, behavioral concerns, school information and changes in health status.

Maximum progress

TRUCare ensures maximum benefits from our services and faster progression toward established goals.


Pediatric therapy begins with therapists who truly care for patients

Pediatric Therapy is a premier outpatient pediatric rehabilitation clinic that serves in Aiken and Lexington, South Carolina, as well as the greater Augusta area. Our pediatric therapists will go above and beyond to achieve the true potential of each child, and we understand that successful pediatric therapy begins with therapists who truly care for the wellbeing, growth and development of children. At Pediatric Therapy, we also help guide parents through treatment plans so that their children can continue to excel outside of the in-office appointments. Contact us for premier pediatric therapy and care in Aiken, Lexington and the Augusta area!