Early Intervention / A+ Kids

What is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention is a family-focused, in-home service for children from birth to six years of age. An Early Interventionist helps families understand their child’s development and gives specific training to assist the family in addressing areas of delay. Family training and service coordination are provided in accordance with an Individualized Family Service Plan for children birth to three years old, or a Family Service Plan for children 3 to 6 years of age.

Why is it important?

Research, as well as our own experience, tells us the first three years of a child’s life are the most critical time of learning. When problems or needs are identified early, they can be improved and corrected. A +Kids is designed to keep your child in step with their future.

Who is Eligible?

Children under three years of age whose genetic, medical, or environmental history indicate they are at a substantially greater risk than the general population for a developmental disability are eligible for services from the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (DDSN). Eligibility may be limited to a specific period of time until a comprehensive assessment can be made regarding the presence or absence of a qualifying disability.

Family training and service coordination are provided by early interventionists. Services are provided by two agencies: Babynet for children 0-3 and DDSN for children 3-6 years of age.

Our Early Interventionists treat children with the following difficulties. If your child experiences difficulty with any of these, they may be eligible for early intervention services

  • Learning to walk
  • Height and weight
  • Learning how to think
  • Learning how to listen and talk
  • Getting along with others
  • Doing things on their own

All children who meet the eligibility criteria will be served, regardless of family income.

Please contact A+ Kids at (803) 226-0412 with any questions.

We love the staff here at Pediatric Therapy of Aiken. Our daughter absolutely loves it here!
Matthew M.
The staff are always very kind and willing to work with our schedules. I love how the staff LOVE their little people. They are always sweet and have helped my son a lot. I’m glad we bring our son to Pediatric Therapy of Aiken! I wouldn’t want to take him anywhere else. Thanks!
Sarah B.
I have seen great improvement in my grandson. His therapists also have given me suggestions and ideas that are helpful and working in the home. Overall, they have helped us both. It has made a difference in the daily routine of a child with autism.
Elizabeth S.
I love Pediatric Therapy! They have made such a positive change in my child’s life.
Carmen B.
The staff is patient and exacting on every detail pertaining to my son. Thanks!
Johnnie R.