Early Intervention
A+ Kids

Personalized Care

At Pediatric Therapy, we believe that all children should be empowered to achieve their full potential and excel in their environment. As a multidisciplinary pediatric clinic, we help parents navigate through the unknowns of their child’s early development foundation and throughout their life. Pediatric Therapy is committed to providing exceptional care to children who require special attention and personalized care.


What is Early Intervention / A+ Kids?

Early Intervention is a family-based service designed to help families understand their child’s delays and help their child improve in those areas of delay, in their natural environment.


Why is Early Intervention / A+ Kids important?

The first few years of a child’s life are the most critical time of learning. When problems or needs are identified early, they can be improved. A+ Kids is designed to keep your child in step with their future as well as their milestones.


The Referral Process

Contact A+ Kids and we can assist you with a referral to BabyNet.

    • Anyone can make a referral to BabyNet (for children and toddlers under three years of age) if there is a potential of possible delays or disabilities.
    • A referral can be made to BabyNet by visiting the website: https://www.scdhhs.gov/resource/babynet.
    • For children who are between the ages of 3 – 5, a referral for Early Intervention can be made through DDSN (Department of Disabilities and Special Needs) at 1-800-289-7012, or visit the website www.ddsn.sc.gov/apply.


How We Can Help

A+ Kids can help you and your child with the following:

    • Complimentary developmental milestone screenings.
    • Assistance with applying for ABC Special Needs Day Care Voucher.
    • Assistance with applying for Genetics Screening.
    • If eligible, assistance with applying for Personal Care Aide Services.
    • Assistance with completing HealthyConnection Kids applications.

If needed we can assist with coordinating:

    • Referrals for OT, PT and ST.
    • Referrals for School Services.
    • Referral to Early Head Start (age 3).
    • Completing applications for SSI for children that are severely delayed.

To participate in the Early Intervention Program, a child must:

    • Live in South Carolina
    • Be less than 5 1/2 years old
    • Demonstrate a developmental delay or have a qualifying diagnosis
    • Contact A+ Kids and we can assist you with referral to BabyNet.