Pediatric Therapy Associates

A multidisciplinary

pediatric clinic.

Pediatric Therapy is a multidisciplinary pediatric clinic that helps parents navigate through the unknowns of their child’s early development foundation and throughout their life. We are committed to providing exceptional care to children who require special attention and personalized care. At Pediatric Therapy, we believe that all children should be empowered to achieve their full potential and excel in their environment.

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 The staff is patient and exacting on every detail pertaining to my son. 

– Johnnie R. 

A collaborative,
approach to

 Our therapists at Pediatric Therapy provide a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to treatment. We assist children through age 21 who require help in developing motor skills, speech skills and those who struggle with physical abilities. Through comprehensive screenings and evaluations, our therapists use our resources, knowledge and expertise to create a care plan that is tailored to your child’s specific needs. 

At Pediatric Therapy, we understand the difficulties that come with requiring additional help for your children as well as the trust needed and associated with handing your child off to a professional. That’s why we’re dedicated to communicating with parents on the treatment plans as well as creating a comfortable environment for our pediatric patients to achieve their full potential.

Personalized care & concern for children & their parents

Pediatric Therapy truly cares and is concerned about each child who comes through our doors. To us, you’re more than just another patient. We strive to provide comprehensive and personalized care to every individual child and continue to search for new ways to achieve their goals. We’re committed to earning the trust of our pediatric patients and their parents and we voice true concern throughout our office as we work to unlock the potential of the children our therapists treat by finding the necessary resources to succeed. 

Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy is treatment for those having trouble with everyday movement or those who are recovering from an injury to improve quality of life.

Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy is designed to help children develop fine motor, sensory motor and visual motor skills to help gain independence in daily functional activities.

Speech Therapy

Pediatric speech therapy is skilled treatment for those having difficulty with producing sounds, development of functional communication and swallowing/feeding delays.

Early Intervention / A+Kids

Early Intervention / A+ Kids is a family focused service designed for children birth to age 5 that helps families understand and Improve their child’s development.


TRUcare is a specialized program at Pediatric Therapy that utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to maximize the development and growth of children to improve overall care.

Durable Medical Equipment

Pediatric Therapy specializes in the sale of Durable Medical Equipment that includes nebulizers and spacers for children with asthma.

Pediatric therapy begins with therapists who truly care for patients.

Pediatric Therapy is a premier outpatient pediatric rehabilitation clinic that serves in Aiken and Lexington, South Carolina, as well as Alpharetta and Augusta, Georgia. We understand that successful pediatric therapy begins with therapists who truly care for the wellbeing, growth and development of children as well as helping guide parents through treatment plans. From beginning to end, our pediatric therapists will go above and beyond to achieve the true potential of each child in our care. Contact us for premier pediatric therapy and care in Aiken, Lexington, Alpharetta and the Augusta area!