Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals who can help your child reduce pain and improve or restore mobility. Our Physical Therapists work as a team to assess and treat gross motor deficits, including decreases in strength, range of motion, balance, coordination and endurance related to a variety of diagnoses. Activities like walking, running, squatting, sitting, posture, balance, and strength deficits will be addressed. We also work with patients with delayed milestones, rehabilitation post injury or illness and also provide extensive education on injury prevention. Using exercise and play as treatment tools, physical therapy works to maximize gross motor function to ensure each child can achieve independence across all community settings. Our therapists are dedicated to providing individualized treatments tailored to each child, creating the most optimal plan of care.

What to expect from a physical therapy evaluation

In addition to these treatments, our therapists give parents home programs designed for their child’s age and diagnosis. These home programs allow the child to continue improving between office visits.

Our therapists also work closely with other providers to evaluate the need for, and obtain, any equipment for our patients, including wheelchairs, walkers and orthotics. Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics makes visits to our clinics twice a month to measure, and make adjustments for patients with orthotic needs.

Our Therapists Treat the Following Conditions:

Developmental Delays

Musculoskeletal Prematurity

Lack of Coordination, strength, flexibility

Poor balance, frequent falling

Abnormal gait pattern


Cerebral Palsy

Genetic Disorders

Orthopedic disabilities / Injuries

Birth defects

(e.g. spina bifida)

Acute trauma

Limb deficiencies

Gravitational insecurity

Low or High Tone

Muscle diseases

Sports Injuries

Spinal Cord Injury

We love the staff here at Pediatric Therapy of Aiken. Our daughter absolutely loves it here!
Matthew M.
The staff are always very kind and willing to work with our schedules. I love how the staff LOVE their little people. They are always sweet and have helped my son a lot. I’m glad we bring our son to Pediatric Therapy of Aiken! I wouldn’t want to take him anywhere else. Thanks!
Sarah B.
I have seen great improvement in my grandson. His therapists also have given me suggestions and ideas that are helpful and working in the home. Overall, they have helped us both. It has made a difference in the daily routine of a child with autism.
Elizabeth S.
I love Pediatric Therapy! They have made such a positive change in my child’s life.
Carmen B.
The staff is patient and exacting on every detail pertaining to my son. Thanks!
Johnnie R.